Music Theory


One-2-Five music theory E-Tutor  v.4.0

The One-2-Five theory E-tutor (formerly Note-ability e-tutor) is the only available software package that can single-handedly guide a student through 5 grades of music theory.

Metronimo Music Theory  v.2.0

Metronimo Music Theory, allows to learn to read the treble clef and bass clef, to know the name of music symbols, and to recognize the name of key signatures. In this game, the notes are represented by the ghosts of the Pacman game.


Essentials of Music Theory  v.3.0

Alfred's Essentials of Music Theory is designed for students, whether listener or performer, who want to have a better understanding of the language of music.

MPV's Music Theory 103 - Rhythm  v.1.1

In this 3rd tutorial in our series on Music Theory, Master Arranger and Composer Gregg Fine explores the nature of Rhythm and why it’s the driving force in music and composition.

Music Theory Environment  v.1.0

Provide a computer environment which will facilitate finding patterns and relationships between chords, scales, intervals, keys in an automated manner.

MPV's Music Theory 104 - Song Form  v.1.0

Understanding song form is essential to songwriting.

MPV's Music Theory 102 - Harmony  v.1.1

Chords infuse music with color and emotion.

MPV's Music Theory 101 - Melody  v.1.1

Ever wonder why certain melodies stick with you forever while others trigger an intense emotional response?

Music Theory Trainer  v.

User can test their knowledge of musical Key Signatures. All 15 Keys in both Major and Relative Minor are presented in Treble and Bass clef. Statistics are kept and broken down by Major, Minor, and Overall progress. Settings allow filtering of

Music Ace  v.4.0

Music Age is an educational program that comprises 24 engaging, self-paced lessons that accelerate development and reinforce fundamental music skills and an understanding of music theory.

Music Ace Deluxe

Music Ace Deluxe is a comprehensive series of music lessons and games that teach beginning music students of all ages the basics of music theory, rhythm, pitch, note reading, listening, and the keyboard.

KBA Complete

High School/College ear training and music theory exercises.Uunlimited, graduated (easy to advanced), chord, pitch,interval, rhythmic dictation and music theory exercises with instant feedback, immediate scoring, and self testing. Theseprograms develop

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